Are you looking for a natural dog allergies treatment that will relieve your dog’s suffering and discomfort without any harmful side effects?  These natural remedies maybe just what you need to keep your four legged friend healthy and happy.

What Are The Treatments For Dog Allergies?

There are 5 main reasons for a dogs allergic reaction; flea, food, bacterial, contact and inhalant.

1) Flea Treatment

Sprinkle Borax powder on your carpets and around the outside of your home to rid your house of these parasites.

2) Food Allergy Treatment

The most common foods dogs tend to be allergic to are eggs, corn, wheat, soy, milk, beef and chicken.  Food coloring can also cause an allergic reaction.  If you suspect your dog has food allergies, switch to a natural food with a different protein or grain source.  Stay with the new food for six weeks and note any changes in the dog’s symptoms.

Give your dog omega 3 fatty acids which are known to be a natural anti-inflammatory and often help to reduce allergy symptoms.  Two to three tablespoons of olive oil mixed through dog food can also reduce skin problems in dogs.

3) Bacterial Allergy Treatment

Bacterial allergies are caused by non-contagious bacteria Staphylococcus also known at staph.  This bacterial lives on the body of all dogs and is not harmful until the dog’s immune system weakens.  When this happens severe itching will occur.  Blood need to be conducted to determine the type of bacteria that is attacking the dog.  Dietary supplements are often required to help boost the dog’s immune system.

4) Contact Allergy Treatment

This is probably the least common dog allergy.  It occurs when your dog becomes allergic to an item, like a specific blanket, a plant, grass or another item in the environment.  If your dog is scratching bathing them with a dog oatmeal shampoo will help to relieve the itching.  Ultimately you need to figure out what is causing the reaction and eliminate it.

5) Inhalant Allergy Treatment

The most common dog allergies are inhalant (atropy), such as dust mites, pollen and molds.  Reduce exposure to dust and pollen by frequent cleaning.  Close the windows and run the air conditioner.  A dehumidifier will reduce mold.  Eliminate mold from the soils in houseplant pots by covering with a layer of activated charcoal.

Is There A Homeopathic Treatment For Dogs With Flea Allergies?

Examine your dogs skin to identify signs of fleas.  You may not be able to see the fleas themselves but the evidence they leave behind should be visible.  Flea dirt or feces will appear as black pebbles on the dog’s skin or fur.  Take a wet cloth and and wipe it over the area where you see the most dirt.  If the dirt dissolves in a red color (blood) you know you have a flea problem.

Treat your dog with a herbal shampoo that contains a combination of any of the following ingredients; cedar, rosemary, lavendar, pine, eucalyptus, bergamot, juniper or citronella.  Fleas do not like water.  Once you start wetting the dog the fleas will move to the dog’s head which is typically dry ground for them.

The trick is to block the fleas from getting to the head by first creating a thick soapy layer of foam around the dogs entire neck as close to the head as possible.  Leave this layer in tack while you wet and lather the shampoo on to the dogs back and legs.  Return to the neck to keep it lathered as needed.  Leave the shampoo on for at least 15 minutes while continuing to massage the soap deep into the dog’s fur.

Flea eggs will hatch every 7 – 21 days.  If you suspect your house maybe infested with fleas you’ll need to clean your dogs bedding and any carpet or chairs your dog may have been in contact with.  Give these areas a though vacuuming to pick up any fleas and eggs. Add flea powder to your vacuum bag before you vacuum will help to kill the fleas in the bag.  Dispose of your vacuum bag.  You may need to repeat the vacuuming process several times over the next week or so.

If your dog has severe flea allergies you may want to consider treating your yard with natural flea control for dogs
including  beneficial nematodes or non-toxic diatomaceous earth.

These steps will help to prevent your dog from getting fleas.

1)  Add a bit of garlic to your dog’s food daily.

2)  Add Sulphur to your dogs meal once a week.

3)  You can purchase black walnut hull capsules from the health food store.  These help to repeal fleas, mosquitoes and ticks.

It could take about 4-6 weeks before these remedies become effective.

Do Steroids Do More Harm Than Good In Dog Allergies Treatment?

Using steroids should be the last option to help a dog in extreme discomfort.  The side effects are serious because they affect the whole body.  Antihistamines are very safe for dog allergies treatment but should be given in the right dosage to work properly.  Like everything else this to has side effects which is sedation.

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